National Floors Direct Showcases Extensive Range of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

National Floors Direct brings the Store to Your Door®

November 30, 2020

Flooring specialists National Floors Direct offer a closer look at their versatile and practical vinyl alternatives to genuine stone and hardwood solutions

Boasting greater practicality, durability, and functionality than ever before, the latest luxury vinyl flooring solutions from National Floors Direct represent a fantastic alternative to traditional hardwood and stone options. Now available in more than 250 finishes across a total of almost 20 unique ranges, the flooring specialists from National Floors Direct provide a closer look at what’s being offered.

“Whether you’re searching for amazing wood-look flooring, or prefer a material that replicates the appearance of natural stone or porcelain tile, luxury vinyl flooring is an ideal solution,” explains a National Floors Direct representative.

A more practical alternative to genuine stone and hardwood flooring products that don’t sacrifice the authentic look and feel that many customers desire, National Floors Direct’s extensive range of luxury vinyl flooring offers the same natural-looking beauty. With an added versatility and boasting fantastic ease of installation.

The high-resolution 3D printing process used to manufacture National Floors Direct’s range of luxury vinyl flooring can perfectly match the appearance of grain patterns, veining, stain colors, and even authentic grout lines, according to the company. “At National Floors Direct, we offer a wealth of luxury vinyl flooring products from the top manufacturers in the industry, designed to meet the specifications of any project and budget,” adds a representative.

National Floors Direct’s extensive range of luxury vinyl flooring products now features more than a dozen varieties, including Arlington, Augusta, Crossroads, Elkhart, Goodrich, Lindale, Mansfield, Maybrook, Mesquite, North Lake, Richland, Schaumburg, Springville, Wakefield, Wentworth, Weston, Whitestone, Willow Grove, and Woodbury.

Each is available in various colors, with Goodrich, for example, offered in Autumn Dusk, Harvest Teak, Notre Dame, Praline, Ristretto, Rockport Grey, Tobacco Bark, and Walnut Mocha. Simultaneously, Woodbury can be specified in 20 finishes, including Amber Oak, Cinnamon Walnut, and Gray Barnwood.

The most extensive array of finishes, however, can be found across National Floors Direct‘s Whitestone, Augusta, and Willow Grove ranges, with the latter, now enjoying a total of 60 choices ranging from Golden Glaze and Silver Shimmer to Forest Fog and Iron Ore between beautifully named collections such as Artisan Forge and Enchanted Forest.

“With unmatched installation versatility, style, and color combinations, the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring from National Floors Direct are endless are endless,” continues a National Floors Direct spokesperson. “Whether you prefer a contemporary, traditional, or rustic look, at National Floors Direct, we’ll help you pick the perfect vinyl for your project courtesy of our unparalleled selection of in-stock vinyl flooring.”

National Floors Direct promises to ‘bring the store to your door’ so that customers can select the very best luxury vinyl flooring to satisfy their budget and lifestyle requirements. To find out more, visit the National Floors Direct website or search online for National Floors Direct.