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National Floors Direct Reviews Show Stocking Shaw SPC Core Waterproof LVP Flooring

Shaw SPC Core LVP Flooring Becomes One of the Newest Items Offered, as Seen by National Floors Direct Reviews

Luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring have grown in popularity in the past several years. Homeowners enjoy it because it is not only affordable but also durable. Shaw SPC Core Waterproof LVP flooring can be used in any room of the home. This popular product has become one of the latest categories added by National Floors Direct.

National Floors Direct reviews explain that NFD is a flooring company headquartered in Astoria, New York with locations throughout the northeast, providing in-home estimates on hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, and other flooring options. They specialize in name brand flooring and competitive pricing.

The Shaw SPC Core flooring has become popular because of its waterproof properties: it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas. It also allows homeowners to have a single flooring installed across their home without having to worry about what happens if moisture hits the flooring.

What makes Shaw SPC Core flooring stand out is its ability to endure some of life’s biggest mishaps. The waterproof core adds durability and it’s a friendly option for homes with pets and kids. On top of this, the vinyl flooring can give the appearance of hardwood at a fraction of the cost.

Another important thing to consider is that there are also color match options for Shaw flooring. Professionals at National Floors Direct reviews can look at the various elements in a home, enabling them to recommend the best color. Shaw also offers a color match service directly on their website where it’s possible to upload a photo from a room to color match against other floorings for a more seamless transition.

A variety of color families are available for waterproof flooring, too. This way, homeowners can choose to go with neutral or bold options for their flooring. National Floors Direct Reviews can bring samples into the home to make the selection process easier.

Further, National Floors Direct Reviews will offer installation. By offering professional installation, it is possible for homeowners to get the aesthetics that they desire. It also delivers peace of mind that the Shaw flooring will last for many years to come.

With the addition of the newest line of Shaw SPC Core flooring added to the lineup at National Floors Direct Reviews, it gives homeowners more options for what will work best inside of their home. A flooring professional can then visit the home, answer questions, and discuss financing. During this visit, measurements can be taken to ensure that accurate estimates are provided. In many instances, it is possible for a homeowner to schedule installation for the very next day.

National Floors Direct Reviews makes it possible to buy directly while being able to shop from the comfort of one’s home. Since there are no stores to visit, it allows for competitive pricing.

National Floors Direct Reviews invites homeowners to discover the benefits of the new Shaw luxury vinyl by scheduling an in-home estimate at no cost.

National Floors Direct Discusses When and Why Carpet May Be Ideal for Your Home or Business

The experts at National Floors Direct offer suggestions for when and why carpet may be ideal for your home or business.

Carpeting is often considered old-fashioned as hardwood floors and hardwood alternatives dominate the home improvement market. However, flooring experts like those at National Floors Direct explain that carpet remains an extremely functional, comfortable, and affordable option. Even more, carpet can provide an appealing aesthetic that will wow your guests. The following are several reasons the flooring experts at National Floors Direct suggest carpeting for certain homes and businesses.

“First and foremost, carpeting is one of the most affordable flooring options available,” National Floors Direct representatives said. “Any homeowner or business on a budget should consider carpeting as an affordable yet durable flooring option.”

National Floors Direct experts state that the installation, maintenance, and materials involved with carpet can be drastically more affordable than other popular options, like hardwood and tile. Another positive of installing carpet, as outlined by National Floors Direct, is the ability to choose from a variety of color and pattern options. It doesn’t matter what the color scheme is throughout your home or business, or if that scheme changes from room to room, because there’s a carpet option to suit your needs.

“Carpet is more comfortable than nearly any other flooring option on the market,” National Floors Direct experts add. “Carpet is softer on the feet, and it also regulates temperatures very well.”

The flooring experts at National Floors Direct explain that carpet is an ideal option for children, the elderly, and anyone with foot or joint problems. The cushioning of the carpet tends to absorb shock, reducing the stress experienced in the lower body when standing, walking, or playing. Similarly, falling on carpeting is less likely to cause serious injury than falling on a hard surface. This makes carpeting ideal in homes or businesses that cater to the young or elderly. National Floors Direct representatives added that carpeting doesn’t become extremely hot or cold with changes in temperature.

“Many buyers don’t know that carpeting can save them a lot of money in the long run,” National Floors Direct experts said. “It’s easy to care for and can even reduce heating and cooling costs in the cool of winter or heat of summer.”

According to the experts at National Floors Direct, quality carpet is relatively easy to clean. While stains can be wiped away from hardwood or tile, these surfaces are more prone to cracking, holes, splits, and scratches. Such damages can be much more difficult to repair than simply spraying your flooring with an everyday carpet cleaner.

“Carpet flooring will never go out of style, and that’s because it’s an easy, affordable, comfortable, and good-looking option for many homes and businesses,” National Floors Direct representatives finished. “Contact us to find out more about our top-quality carpeting options.”


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National Floors Direct Wins Exclusive Floor Covering Contract With New York Developer HCRE

National Floors Direct secures a major deal to provide floor covering for over 300,000 square feet of flooring in Flushing, Queens.

National Floors Direct (NFD) has won a major contract with prominent NYC developer HCRE. This new business National Floors Directagreement will see NFD providing their floor-coverings for the buildings currently being developed by HCRE. National Floors Direct has taken on this contract and will provide floor-coverings for buildings in Chinatown, SoHo, LES, Flushing, and Queens. One of the largest aspects of the contract has been NFD securing the position as the exclusive floor-covering provider for HCRE’s 300,000 square foot development in Flushing, Queens.

National Floors Direct has been a prominent business partner with the New York City community when it comes to flooring and floor-coverings. NFD has previously helped to keep the city’s history alive with their restoration of the flooring at the Historic Pier A Harbor House. This included an overhaul of the wood flooring at the renowned Blacktail restaurant. National Floors Direct was also the company that handled the flooring restoration project at NYC’s iconic Canal Street Market. NFD has completed these projects thanks to both their commitment to New York City as well as their fine selection of floor-coverings.

National Floors Direct was the first specialty retailer to carry in-stock Mohawk waterproof laminate flooring. They have made similar industry-leading advances with other floor-coverings from highly recognizable brands including Shaw. NFD maintains its competitive place in the floor-covering industry thanks to this mix of quality products and outstanding service. NFD has made strong moves in advancing its business in recent months.

New Distribution Center | National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct recently opened their brand new distribution center in Astoria, NY. This distribution center promises to combine state of the art technology with the brand name products and strong reputation of NFD. They have also advanced their online presence by making some strategic updates. The company has updated its website to stay ahead of the competitive world of online commerce.

National Floors Direct is a direct to consumer carpeting and floor-covering retailer. They sell industry-leading floor-covering brands straight to consumers as well as helping NYC maintain its classic buildings.

National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct Offering 60 Percent Off

National Floors Direct is currently offering 60 percent off on the spot on purchase and installation of select styles. The direct-to-consumer flooring retailer, headquartered in Astoria, NY, guarantees the lowest price in the industry by at least 15 percent or more 365 days a year. But with this incredible incentive, there’s no excuse to put off your home improvement projects any longer. 

The promotion is applied to the regular retail price of products. Basic installation is included. After receiving your free in-home estimate, National Floors Direct can install in-stock merchandise as soon as the next day, setting the stage for your brand new space in just over 24 hours. Financing options are available with approved credit. 

National Floors Direct is the East Coast’s leading direct-to-consumer specialty flooring provider, founded by flooring industry veterans who previously owned several shops in the Greater New York City area. National Floors Direct is staffed by a team of experts who provide a direct connection to the creme de la creme of hardwood, carpet, and luxury vinyl flooring Its extensive catalog featuring some of the world’s best-known flooring brands, including Shaw and Mohawk. 

As the owners put it, they offer “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.” In addition to their impressive catalog, the company also provides white-glove customer service. Their team will visit your home or business to provide samples and allow you to see what selections will look like in your space with your furnishings, decor, and lighting, a luxury not possible visiting a showroom. They’ll also provide an on-the-spot installation estimate. 

With locations in  Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey, National Floors Direct is a company on the rise. In conjunction with the debut of a brand new website, the company recently opened a new 60,000 square-foot distribution center to meet increasing demand. With a service region encompassing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, National Floors Direct is the go-to supplier for East Coast businesses and residents alike.  

Visit the company’s new website to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate:

National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct a One of a Kind Success Story

National Floors Direct is a direct-to-consumer specialty flooring provider that is the brainchild of flooring industry veterans who envisioned a more customer-focused future. Based on National Floors Direct’s reviews and gold-star reputation, it’s more than apparent they’ve succeeded.National Floors Direct logo

Now one of the largest flooring providers in the Northeast United States, National Floors Direct has been a trailblazer since its inception in 2005. By cutting out the middle man and connecting consumers directly with some of the world’s biggest name brand flooring manufacturers, National Floors Direct is able to provide “all the best attributes of traditional retail and none of the downside.” The company’s extensive catalog features a broad range of flooring options, including high-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products, some of which are exclusive to National Floors Direct.

What’s more, the flooring supplier will “Bring the Store to Your Door.” The team provides white-glove service, meeting customers at their home or office to show them exactly how samples will look in their environment with their particular furnishings, lighting, and decor. Once they’ve helped a customer choose the perfect floors, they price the job on the spot, guaranteeing the lowest price in the industry by 15 percent or more. It’s the type of exceptional experience one simply can’t replicate in a showroom.

In the past 15 years, the company has made waves along the East Coast and has become one of the area’s most reputable residential and commercial flooring suppliers. In addition to assisting hundreds of satisfied homeowners, National Floors Direct has worked with some of New York City’s biggest developers and brands. The team is particularly proud to contribute to the restoration and rejuvenation of historically and culturally important sites like the Canal Street Market and Historic Pier A Harbor House, as well as new NYC hotspots like Fresh & Co. Recently, National Floors Direct signed a contract with major developed HCRE to be the exclusive floor-covering provider for all of its NYC buildings, including existing locations in SoHo, Chinatown, LES, and Flushing. The flooring provider is also the exclusive supplier for HCRE’s new 300,000 square-foot property currently under development in Queens.

Having recently built a brand new 60,000 square-foot distribution center in Astoria, NY, to meet increasing demand, there’s no doubt National Floors Direct is headed for even greater heights in 2020.

Visit the company’s new website to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate:

National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct Restores Flooring in Historic Pier A Harbor House

New York City’s culture is as rich as its history, a fact reflected in the Big Apple’s myriad architectural landmarks, some of which, like the Historic Pier A Harbor House, have been cornerstones of the community for a century or more. Since 1886, Pier A, which design mirrors New York’s most prominent landmark The Statue of Liberty, has served the city. Like many architectural greats, it has been rehabilitated more than once to maintain its splendor for generations to come. Most recently, owners of the Pier A Harbor House hired National Floors Direct to restore the building’s flooring. This included a complete overhaul of the wood flooring in the site’s Black Tail restaurant, which The Daily Beast ranked #29 of the 150 best bars in the U.S.National Floors Direct

Pier A Harbor House, with its impressive WWI memorial, distinct design, and extensive history, underwent extensive renovations from 2009 to 2014 after several years of being neglected and left in disrepair. In the years since, thanks in part to help from community-minded companies like National Floors Direct, the property has become a seaside hub once again.

National Floors Direct is one of the Northeast’s most successful and respected flooring providers. Headquartered in Astoria, NY, the supplier is a mainstay for NYC residents and businesses alike.

The Pier A Harbor House is one in a long list of the company’s many impressive undertakings.

National Floors Direct has also restored the flooring at Canal Street Market in SoHo.NYC restaurant chain Fresh & Co exclusively hired the team to install and maintain the flooring in their 50+ NYC and Westchester, NY, locations. National Floors Direct also won a contract with the esteemed New York City developer HCRE to be the exclusive floor-covering provider for all of HCRE’s NYC buildings. This includes prime locations in SoHo, Chinatown, and LES, as well as Flushing, Queens, where HCRE is currently developing a 300,000 square-foot space.

The company also has office locations in Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey. The company’s service region includes Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania. In 2019, National Floors Direct opened a brand-new state-of-the-art 60,000 square-foot distribution center in Astoria to meet increasing demand.

Learn more about National Floors Direct here:

National Floors Direct

Parent Company of Fast Casual Dining Powerhouse, Fresh & Co., Hires National Floors Direct to Install & Maintain Flooring at Over 50 Locations

Fresh & Co. is a New York-based restaurant and meal delivery service with a farm-to-table philosophy and community mindset. The family-owned company, with more than 50 locations in New York City and Westchester, New York, recently awarded National Floors Direct, one of the East Coast’s largest flooring providers, an exclusive contract to install and maintain all Fresh & Co. locations, including Fresh & Co., Cafe Metro, Create Ditmars, Kyma in Hudson Yards, Kyma Flatiron, and Elea Upper West Side.

National Floors Direct

Fresh & Co. CEO George Tenedios was quoted as being excited about the opportunity to work with National Floors Direct, as both companies – in addition to being mainstays in the New York City area – share similar ideals and look to benefit from each other’s mutual plans for aggressive growth throughout the North East.

Fresh & Co.’s mission, per the company website, is to “create fresh, creative and healthy meals that excite the mind, heart, and palate. Our menu, farm, local partners and community roots are what makes us different…We are committed to connecting people to real food.”

The company has its own farm on Long Island and partners with local farmers to bring fresh, hyper-local and seasonal produce to the people in their restaurants and cafes and through their home delivery service. Since its inception in 2010, Fresh & Co. has become one of New York’s biggest and most beloved food service providers.

Similarly, National Floors Direct, a direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty service, “Brings the Store to Your Door.” The team offers white-glove service and visits clients’ homes or businesses with samples from their extensive catalog packed with products from the world’s leading brands. Guaranteeing the lowest price in the industry by 15% or more, National Floors Direct cuts out the middle man by connecting consumers with high-quality products straight from the supplier. They also go the extra mile to provide prompt installation and ongoing customer care.

National Floors Direct works with residential and commercial clients and has been involved in several other major New York City projects, including restoring the flooring at Canal Street Market in SoHo. National Floors Direct also won a contract with the esteemed New York City developer HCRE to be the exclusive floor-covering provider for all of HCRE’s NYC buildings. This includes prime locations in SoHo, Chinatown, and LES, as well as Flushing, Queens, where HCRE is currently developing a 300,000 square-foot space.

Learn more about National Floors Direct here:, or learn more about Fresh & Co. here:

National Floors Direct Carries New Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring

National Floors Direct

Whether it’s in the kitchen or the playroom, your home’s flooring can take quite a beating over the course of a day. Depending on the flooring type, threats such as heeled shoes, wet feet, and dirty pet paws can threaten your flooring’s integrity over time. Fortunately, manufacturers like Mohawk are stepping up to offer innovative flooring options that last longer and give you more bang for your buck. National Floors Direct is a direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty service and is the first specialty retailer to carry Mohawk’s waterproof laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is versatile and resilient, providing a range of aesthetics and application options that can imitate natural materials like wood and ceramic at a fraction of the price. Not to mention it is affordable up-front and in the long-term, with fewer upkeep costs. This is why the premium laminate flooring options available at National Floors Direct are a more practical alternative to genuine hardwood, ceramic, or natural stone for most families, active households, and small businesses.

Mohawk capitalizes on laminate flooring’s existing perks with SolidTech technology.

“SolidTech is the only laminate brand on the market designed with a waterproof and stain-resistant system capable of withstanding family life with kids and pets running through a home on a daily basis,” reads the Mohawk website.

In addition to its impermeability, Mohawk’s Uniclic MultiFit technology allows for easy installation. Furthermore, SolidTech’s construction is 50% denser than average composite core flooring, meaning it will not telegraph visual imperfections beneath the surface, according to the Mohawk website. These sturdy floors are also resistant to identification, heat, and extreme temperature changes.

More on National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct is a direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty service. The company motto, “We Bring the Store to Your Door®” says it all. National Floors Direct is committed to helping customers choose the ideal flooring for their home or business. Their team will come to you to help you select the best fit, then measure and price the job on the spot.

National Floors Direct’s reviews are a testament to their fantastic service and catalog of high-quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl products. Taking a revolutionary approach to flooring, they provide the perks of high-end retailers at the price of big-box suppliers, guaranteeing the lowest price in the industry.

National Floors Direct Now Carries Shaw SPC Core Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile Flooring

National Floors Direct has become the first specialty retailer to carry Shaw SPC core waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile flooring. Historically, National Floors Direct has prided itself on carrying only the highest quality products in order to offer its customers the best possible options. Luxury waterproof vinyl has caught the attention of specialty retailers such as National Floors Direct due to its incredible benefits and value.

One of the main reasons National Floors Direct made the decision to carry Shaw luxury waterproof vinyl is its ability to prevent moisture buildup. Unlike other types of flooring, waterproof floors trap out the moisture before it penetrates the planks. With everyday wear, you can expect to have spilled water from the shower, sink, and even leaky pipes. All of this water can penetrate the floors and create excess moisture in the home. This extra buildup causes mold and mildew to build up throughout the house.

Because waterproof vinyl does not allow spills or stains to penetrate, it’s quite easy to clean. Instead of soaking into the floorboards, spills stay on the surface, which makes it a breeze to clean. This type of flooring is perfect for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, such as kitchens or bathrooms.

People with families or pets benefit the most from this type of flooring. When people have pets, it’s easy for accidents to happen. The last thing any homeowner wants is for urine or feces to penetrate the floorboards. With waterproof vinyl floors, owners can clean up accidents without having to worry about lingering stains or smells. Young children also have a tendency to spill liquids such as milk, juice, or other sticky substances. With Shaw flooring courtesy of National Floors Direct, you won’t have to worry about any residue being left behind.

Aside from the obvious benefits of cleanliness and easy maintenance, this floor is also available in many different styles and colors. Because there are so many options available, it’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a particular aesthetic for their home. National Floors Direct is proud to offer direct-to-consumer service.

National Floors Direct specializes in providing its customers with white-glove service, selection, and industry knowledge and expertise. They have built their reputation over the last seventy-five years. After many decades of brick and mortar operation, in 2005 they decided to revolutionalize the way customers shop for flooring. National Floors Direct has a comprehensive catalog of carpet, hardwood, laminate, and more.