National Floors Direct Reviews 6 Reasons to Replace Residential Carpeting

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September 8, 2021

National Floors Direct Reviews 6 Reasons to Residential Carpeting

National Floors Direct: The top reasons why you should replace your carpet.

National Floors Direct brings us the top reason why you need to replace carpet is something many homeowners have to deal with throughout the lifetime of their home. Whether moving into a new home, entering a new phase in life, or preparing to sell a home, there are many reasons timing can cause a homeowner to wonder if they should replace their flooring. Recently, the company talked about how homeowners could know it is time to replace their carpeting.

Water Damage:

One of the top ways your carpet will be ruined beyond repair is by exposure to water. Water often absorbs into the carpet pad and causes mold or mildew to grow. When this occurs, the carpet typically needs to be replaced. “Not only is mold dangerous in your home, but water can cause stains on your carpet as well.”

Carpet Stains:

The experts at National Floors Direct explain that there is nothing appealing about stains on the floor—it can make your home look dirty even when it isn’t. Stains can come from past spills, leaking pipes, previous water damage, pet accidents, food messes, and more.
Residual Odor:

Carpets can pick up scents that are impossible to remove—even with professional services. One of the most common carpet odors will come from pet messes that aren’t properly cleaned or aren’t found until they’ve fully absorbed deep into the carpet and pad. Mildew, food rot, and other messes that shift into lasting odors.

Allergy Issues:

National Floors Direct says that certain carpets can help trap allergens to keep the particles from floating freely in the air. Certain carpets are not ideal for trapping allergen particles the right way and may still allow the particles to float in the air. Getting an allergen vacuum that traps microscopic particles can help keep the carpets cleaner, but there will come a point where the carpets just can’t be cleaned enough and need to be replaced.
Wear and Tear Damage: Over time, paths can be worn into carpets—making them look dirty or threadbare. Carpets could be damaged from furniture, carpet cleaning, pets, and more. In some cases, the damage may go beyond normal wear and include ripping, running, shredding, chewing, or catching.

Outdated Style:

Aside from damage, National Floors Direct knows that it is also possible for floors to fall out of style and make the whole space look outdated. Shag carpets are just one example of flooring that can make the entire house look like it needs an update. Replacing old carpets in a home can give an immediate style boost to the area.

“New carpets can greatly increase your home value,” According to National Floors Direct reviews posted on its blog, these six reasons for replacing carpeted floors are just a few of the reasons that an update could be a very worthwhile change to a home.