National Floors Direct Introduces Mohawk Waterproof Laminate Flooring

National Floors Direct brings the Store to Your Door®

October 2, 2020

National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct carries a wide range of durable, dynamic laminate flooring options in all of the most sought-after colors, from chestnut to cherry, beige to honey, and so much more. The new Mohawk waterproof line offers an innovative solution for homeowners intrigued by an easy, effortless flooring experience. Mohawk laminate floors are a fantastic new addition to the National Floors Direct collection and much appreciated by customers who want to get more for their money without sacrificing quality on their new flooring.

National Floors Direct is a trusted direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty service bringing the store to your door. Experienced carpet and flooring experts lead the way in every step of purchasing Mohawk laminate flooring, which is super simple to clean and, most importantly, waterproof. The dedicated laminate flooring specialists at National Floors Direct acknowledge the many plus sides to laminate flooring, including stain-resistant properties and low upkeep costs over years of efficient use.

National Floors Direct strives to offer strong and reliable flooring options, particularly laminate floors that serve as a more budget-friendly choice compared to genuine ceramic, hardwood, or natural stone. Households with pets, young children, and outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of Mohawk laminate flooring from National Floors Direct, as mud, grease, and grime are no match for these remarkable waterproof floors.

When it comes to versatile flooring from National Floors Direct, laminate is an excellent choice, with a fantastic array of applications and aesthetics to consider. The best Mohawk laminate floors offered create an impressive imitation of natural wood and stone without the hefty price tag. Mohawk’s SolidTech technology fights watermarks and stains to ensure even the busiest families can maintain pristine flooring conditions.

National Floors Direct offers support and guidance for Mohawk’s Uniclic MultiFit technology, which enables the fast installation to keep flooring projects moving ahead smoothly. Extreme temperatures and changing building conditions are no problem with Mohawk’s cutting-edge flooring, boasting a 50% greater density than normal composite core floors.

More Information on National Floors Direct

It’s clear that flooring is the top priority for National Floors Direct, where the entire team is proud to revolutionize the home flooring industry, combining the luxury of high-profile retailers at big box prices for the greatest value. The company’s committed flooring professionals come to customers to discuss their dream flooring choices. Their service goes above and beyond to confirm customers have all of the information and examples to decide on the best flooring option for their living space. National Floors Direct has a hand-picked selection of top-quality flooring, with quick estimates provided for exciting new projects.