National Floors Direct Boasts Dozens of New Hardwood and Carpet Products

National Floors Direct brings the Store to Your Door®

August 17, 2020

National Floors Direct has now added dozens of new hardwood and carpet products to its already robust line of flooring materials.

National Floors Direct has been in the flooring services for years. If you’re in need of flooring and you live in New York state, you can get a great deal withNational Floors Direct. Not only has the recently added dozens of new hardwood and carpet products driven more business to National Floors Direct, but it has also provided customers with a wider variety of flooring options for their property.

National Floors Direct Adds New Hardwood Products

National Floors Direct has a total of 19 hardwood flooring products available to view on their website. However, that’s just scratching the surface. Most of these hardwood options also come in multiple colors and sizes. This means that if you choose National Floors Direct to replace your hardwood floor, you have hundreds of options at your fingertips.

Now, let’s take a look at some of National Floors Direct most popular new hardwood products:

  • Downey Point – Downey Points is a naturally dark, rich hardwood that looks great in a variety of settings. It also comes in a wide range of colors — from Chocolate Maple to Saddle Oak.
  • Highland 3” – As the name implies, this hardwood comes in 3-inch beams that will provide a modern look to your home or business. Just like Downey Point, the Highland 3” product comes in many different colors, including Wool Oak and Glacier Oak.
  • Riverside – Riverside is a clean hardwood that is so smooth, it almost has the look and feel of luxury vinyl. This product also gives consumers many colors to choose from, including Seattle Oak and Chicago Oak.

National Floors Direct Adds New Carpet Products

In addition to the new hardwood flooring options, National Floors Direct has plenty of new carpeting options. While carpeting may seem like an option that is fading out of style in favor of more durable materials (like hardwood and vinyl), many people still prefer the soft touch of carpet on their feet. This is why National Floors Direct continues to expand its catalog of carpeting options.

So, let’s take a look at some of National Floors Direct most popular new carpet products:

  • River Oaks – This tight-knit carpet is great for consumers who want a balance between soft and hard flooring. It also comes with a whopping 24 colors to choose from!
  • Camino – Camino is perfect for people who love that soft feeling of carpet between their toes. Just like River Oaks, it comes in many different colors, like Midnight and Atlantic.
  • Carmel – Carmel has a variant color design for those who want their carpet to complement their interior decorating. Customers can choose from many different color combinations, including English Toffee and Pebble Beach.

To see the full like of hardwood and carpet products, consult the National Floors Direct website.